IMP POWERS LTD., India under licensing agreement with Smart Hydro Power introduces “SMART HYDRO KINETIC TURBINES” in India. Smart Turbine is based on 5kW generator which is gearless, driven by 3 blade rotor. They are powered by kinetic energy instead of potential energy, so are also called as zero-head or in-stream turbine.

“A BREAK-THROUGH TECHNOLOGY” introduced first time in India which will partly substitute conventional energy sources for sustainable development of country.

The Output of turbine is velocity dependent & reaches a peak production of 5kW at velocities of 3.1m/sec or 2.4 m/s depending upon flow conditions of partially or fully constrained

Salient features:

Uses Kinetic Energy of flowing water in canals

  Robustly designed

  Quick installation process of few weeks

 Underwater Generator

   Maximum output of 5 kW at 3.1 m/s water velocity.

Series of hydro-kinetic turbines:

Area of Application

  1. River beds & irrigation canals
  2. Cooling canals of Thermal power stations
  3. Tail races of existing hydro power station
  4. Exit channels of sewage treatment plants

Modes of Application

The Smart Turbine is capable of operating in –

1.     Grid Tie system

2.     Off-Grid systems

3.      Hybrid systems with Solar-Hydro combination

Power evacuation block diagram

Smart Energy management system