Leader in the 132 kV and 220 kV Class Transformers in India
Over 55 years of manufacturing and Design Excellence
The ONLY Company in India to have Successfully passed Short Circuit Tests in the FIRST ATTEMPT on 4 Nos. of 100MVA, 220kV class Transformers, within a span of ONE YEAR
85% Repeat Orders Showing High Customer Satisfaction.
Amongst the FIRST 5 Companies in INDIA, To have received NABL Accredited Certification since 2013
Installed base of 100,000 MVA in INDIA and 26 Countries across the globe
Impeccable testing record with over 150 Nos. Short Circuit Tests successfully Passed in the First Attempt
Offers Complete Solutions from Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance
Over 15,000 Prototype Designs available for reference