Alongside its practice of using world class raw materials and components for the transformers, IMP POWERS gives high emphasis to Design and Development for providing optimum and robust designs thereby increasing customer profitability. IMP POWERS transformers are designed to Indian and International Standards like IS, IEC, BS, ANSI, DIN & AS/NZ Standards.

Our Design Technology encompasses advanced computational techniques and software to keep pace with the ever demanding customer, system integration requirements and the most recent manufacturing techniques. More than 15,000 proto-type designs are available in our data base.

Finite Element Method (FEM) based FLD12 software for electro-dynamic field analysis

FEM software for Impulse voltage distribution and transferred surge voltage in transformer windings

AutoCAD and special software for components and their quick integration in to the final Product

Software and program by in-house R&D for design analysis

AutoCAD and specialized software for components, parts and their quick integration in to the final Product

Simulation techniques for thermal Di-electric insulation analysis