The FIRST company to successfully commission 3 SHP projects of KREDA in the tough terrains of Kargil, Jammu & Kashmir

IMP POWERS has already started commissioning Small Hydro Projects (SHP) awarded by KREDA. The capacity includes entire Hydro Power Sub Station i.e. Engineering, Procuring and Commissioning of Small Hydro Projects in India.IMP POWERS has successfully commissioned three projects of 2x750 kW (Bairas and Sangrah) in 2017-2018 and 2x500 kW Chillong in 2018-19 in Kargil region on EPC basis.

One SHP project 2x750kW Bairas is located in Drass region of Kargil which is the second coldest inhabitable place with -35*C in the world. Supported & financed by PM’s Ladakh Renewable Energy Initiative and providing power to more than 4000 families & Army establishments in respective region.

IMP POWERS is currently commissioning three Small Hydro Projects at Khandi (2x750kW), Matayeen (1x550 kW) and Raru (2x1000 kW) in Kargil region