IMP POWERS LTD., India under licensing agreement with Smart Hydro Power introduces “SMART HYDRO KINETIC TURBINES” in India. Smart Turbine is based on 5kW generator which is gearless, driven by 3 blade rotor. They are powered by kinetic energy instead of potential energy, so are also called as zero-head or in-stream turbine.

“A BREAK-THROUGH TECHNOLOGY” introduced first time in India which will partly substitute conventional energy sources for sustainable development of country.

The Output of turbine is velocity dependent & reaches a peak production of 5kW at velocities of 3.1m/sec or 2.4 m/s depending upon flow conditions of partially or fully constrained

Salient features:

  • • 5 kW Axial flow hydro kinetic turbines
  • • In predictable flows capable of high PLF plants (75-85%)
  • • Not weather dependent
  • • Round the year power generation(365 days*24 hrs)
  • • Acts as a Base Load plant with minimum T&D losses

  • • Power evacuation in on-grid, off-grid & hybrid mode possible
  • • Easy & fast installation (Within 10 days depending on site) with minimal cost implication
  • • Low operation & maintenance cost
  • • Expandable system with multiple turbines by deployment of units in arrays & stacks

Monofloat turbine

Freestream turbine

Rohr turbine

Area of Application:

  • • River beds & irrigation canals
  • • Cooling canals of Thermal power stations
  • • Tail races of existing hydro power station
  • • Exit channels of sewage treatment plants
  • • Modes of Application

Modes of application :

The Smart Turbine is capable of operating in -

  • • Grid Tie system
  • • Off-Grid systems
  • • Hybrid systems with Solar-Hydro combination

Power evacuation block diagram

Smart Energy management system

PILOT PROJECT at Neyveli Lignite Corporation India Ltd. (NLCIL,TN)

  • • Project installed with capacity of 4 x 5kW and successfully commissioned under R&D initiative of NLCIL
  • • The project has been synchronised with 0.415kV, 50 Hz NLCIL grid in the month of October, 2017
  • • The project has been designed with Automatic braking and Online monitoring system
  • • The project is expected to feed above 1.1 lakh units to the grid annually. As of January 2019, above 1.23 Lakhs units have been fed to the grid
  • • Online monitoring of generation through SCADA
  • • Award received by NLCIL from CBIP for Successful Commissioning of 4x5 kW Neyveli Project installed by IMP POWERS Ltd


Sr. Project/Site Name Customer Capacity Year Current Status
1. Bathinda PEDA 200 kW 2018-19 LOA received
2. Kakkad EMC 25 kW 2018-19 P.O received
Total Capacity 225 kW