Oil Filled Transformers ranging from 1 MVA to 315 MVA, up to 400 kV Class

All above Transformers are available with/without OLTC or as per requirement.

Backed by continuous in-house applied technical research and with use of best quality raw materials, have enabled us to comply with the latest exacting standards both Nationally and Internationally. Thousands of Transformers are working round the clock in our country as well as across the globe.

IMP POWER'S legendary after sales service is an integral part of the group's philosophy of customer service. It is a born commitment, a sense of loyalty, not an obligation.

Capacity :

IMP POWERS Manufacturing range is available at the most modern manufacturing plant at Silvassa up to 315 MVA, 400 kV class.

Small Transformers ranging from 63 kVA up to 2000kVA are used in distribution network. IMP POWERS make large numbers of distribution transformers are in service for 6.6kV, 11kv, 22kV & 33 kV voltage class through out the country and also in abroad.

Large and Medium Power transformers are used in the distribution network for transmitting the power. Oil cooled transformers from 10 MVA to 315 MVA supplied by IMP POWERS are in service. Power transformers with latest advent of technology are made in a large range of very compact and cost efficient.

IMP POWERS has the infrastructure and test facilities for manufacturer EHV transformers. IMP POWERS is one of the leading manufacturer of EHV transformers ranging from 132 kV class to 400 kV class and in the capacity 20 MVA to 315 MVA for various electricity boards and private customers.

Auto transformer also called interconnecting transformer ( ICT) which in power applications interconnects two different system voltage levels, for example 132 kV to 66 kV, 220 kV to 132 kV and 400kV to 220kV and so on. Auto transformer design varies with the requirement of impedance i.e constant impedance or constant ohmic impedance. Requirement may be either HV variations or LV variations and with or without tertiary( Stabilising ) windings. IMP POWERS make Auto transformer family is large and it is going to be bigway in the country.

Generator Transformer is a step up transformer. This transformer forms the important component of generating power station. IMP POWERS make design of generator transformer taking care for the constant voltage changes, generator excitation and ability to withstand the overloads. We can offer GT with incoming voltage 6.6kV, 11kV, 13.8kV, 21kV to step up to 132kV, 220kV, 400kV. The maximum capacity manufactured 75 MVA. IMP POWERS also offers small rating hydro stations along with GT’s.

The UAT is the power transformer that provides power to the auxiliary equipments such as motors and compressors in the power generating station. This is in direct connection with generating transformers through busduct. Nominal ratings 12.5MVA, 16MVA & 20MVA with the HV voltage 11kV, 13.8kV, 15.75kV or 21 kV to LV voltage of 3.45kV, 6.6kV or 11kV for power station usage.

The Station Transformers are employed to supply auxillary loads to the power plant for starting the plant when generating unit is not in operation . There transformers are connected to the switchyard bus. LV side of the station transformer is connected to the auxiliary buses. Station transformers are provided with on Load Tapchanger with ONAN/ONAF cooling. Star point of the transformer is grounded through resistor. Normal ratings are 20MVA and HV voltage 11kV or 13.8kV and LV voltage in the range of 3.6kV or 6.6kV.

  • Furnace Transformer
  • IMP POWERS offers furnace transformers for Arc furnace, laddle and inductance furnace application for melting and refining. The range of voltage required are very small for melting operations by electric furnace and refining by laddle furnace. The supplying power to a furnace has to handle extremely high value currents in the order of Kilo Amp. The IMP POWERS furnace transformer designs made to handle such high currents, overloads and frequent shortcircuits.

  • Convertor / Thyristor rectifier Transformer
  • IMP POWERS offers Convertor transformers which operate at the fundamental frequency of an AC system. We offer thyristor duty rectifier transformer suitable for 6 Pulse/ 12 Pulse/ 24 Pulse drive configuration. The IMP POWERS make thyristor transformer design takes care for harmonics ( hence stray losses ) that are likely to appear in transformer winding during service.

    These transformers finds application in electrolysis process such as caustic soda and extraction of aluminium from its ore.

  • Earthing Transformer
  • Earthing Transformer are provided to protect a system against phase to earth fault currents for a duration of fault times. Earthing transformers are used to get a neutral point and provides earthing to a non grounding system. IMP POWERS has supplied numbers of earthing transformers for domestic as well as for abroad customers.

  • Mobile Transformers
  • Mobile transformers are used in mobile substations. These substations are used in emergency situations or as temporary solutions for the supply of electric power. Mobile transformers are very compact due to the application of special insulation techniques such as the application of Nomex® insulation. Units are available either with conventional, hybrid or Nomex® insulation. The use of Nomex® insulation allows higher temperatures, which in combination with oil to air coolers result in extremely compact transformer designs.

  • Traction Distribution Transformers
  • Traction transformers used for stepping up the voltage levels for railway networks across the country. IMP POWERS has a wide range of uniquely designed products with advanced design and technology to perform seismic and short-circuit conditions. These products are developed over the past experiences accompanied by high-end technology for manufacturing and quality tools. Normal ratings are 21.6MVA to 40 MVA and voltage class 66kV to up to 220kV.